Candidate must be multilingual (with standard English and local language), have strong communication and writing skills, and have a college degree or the equivalent work experience. Primary responsibilities will be to perform social compliance audits in many different types of factories throughout assigned region, assessing and reporting, in accordance with Leverage’s policies and procedures. Auditor may be required to travel extensively throughout the desired region. Additionally, other projects relating to social compliance may be assigned depending on need. Auditors are free from bias and influences that could affect objectivity. All persons and organizations involved with an audit must respect and support the independence and integrity of the consultant. Auditor will be required to undergo the Leverage training program and will be assigned to different auditor Levels based on experience and performance.


The following job duties are general requirements and are not to be considered all-inclusive.

  • Complying with the applicable audit requirements;

  • Communicating and clarifying audit requirements;

  • Planning and carrying out assigned responsibilities;

  • Documenting the audit findings / observations;

  • Reporting the audit results;

  • Communicating audit results to facility management in a professional, objective, and clear manner;

  • Verifying the effectiveness of corrective actions taken as a result of audit; 

  • Retaining and safeguarding documents pertaining to the audit;

  • Submitting such documents as required,

  • Ensuring such documents remain confidential,

  • Treating privileged information with discretion;

  • Cooperating with and supporting other auditor;

  • Submitting the audit report clearly, conclusively and without undue delay; 

  • Exercise objectivity;

  • Act in an ethical manner at all times.


  • University Degree (Corporate Social Responsibility; English; Foreign affairs; International trade) or a minimum of 5 years experience in manufacturing, quality assurance or related technical activity;

  • International exposure (International travel experience) a plus; significant exposure to foreign press or media;

  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written;

  • Ideal candidate should have excellent verbal and written comprehension;

  • Ideal candidate should be analytical and comfortable with mathematics and calculations;

  • This job requires physical activity, walking throughout manufacturing factory environment;

  • Travel will be required.

  • Strong skills in public speaking and presentation are definitely the advantages to be considered.


Must be knowledgeable in use of computer applications, such as, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Must be willing to update skills as needed.


Positions available in any one of the following regions: UK, USA, Poland, Turkey, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar.


This is your job opening description. Be sure to include both educational and experiential requirements for the position, as well as details about the type of person you are looking for. Write a detailed overview of the position and responsibilities, and how this role will contribute to the success of Certifications & Audits.

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